Date Ideas

I have been on quite a few dates since my arrival here. It’s not so much that I am looking for someone to marry but because there are so many dating sites. It is a logical way to meet people. I have a routine down now that I thought you might benefit or get ideas from. Here it is, the dating world according to Mia!

So for a first date, I would recommend going to a coffee shop. I don’t drink coffee but there’s always a lot of herbal tea there for those of us who abstain from caffeine. I like it because it’s casual; you can have a conversation and you don’t have to be there that long if the chemistry isn’t there or you are just not clicking. I have spent anywhere from like 20 minutes to an hour and a half talking to someone in a coffee shop, and can gather a lot of information about a person this way. Then I kind of know where I want to go from there.

For a second date, I like to do something a little bit more active. Sometimes we will go bowling or to karaoke or something. It is very revealing to see how people react when they’re competing. I like to see if they can have a good time or if they’re the type of person that needs to win at any cost; I like to know that kind of stuffupfront. Doing something active with a person on the second date gives you a built in thing to do,something to bond over because either you’re competing against each other or you’re on some kind of the team to do something.You can sort of get a feel for what kind of music they like if they have a sense of humor, and that kind of thing.Just something light and fun.It can keep the conversation moving because you have at least the activity to talk about, and you can interrupt any awkward silences through the activity.

For the third date, I always like to do a dinner and movie date.This way it can be a little more intimate but it’s still kind of casual.It is always interesting to pick a movie with someone. I think you can learn a lot about them that way. I try to do dinner afterwards so at least you have one built in conversational topic. You get to have some time discussing the movie to see what you like to vs what they like, and you can sort of establish their interests and whether or not you’re compatible in that regard.

After that, I feel like it really kind of depends on the person and what you’ve done so far.If you’re having a good time with them doing fun activities, then I highly recommend continuing that. Other types of fun activities could be going for a walk around your city, visiting a museum,and going to a park to either play a casual sport or having a picnic.All of these are things that if you still need a buffer you can maybe bring some friends with you once or twice. Things like this will help you sort of gauge whether or not this person is someone that you really want to be spending a lot of time with. I have also found that letting them plan sometimes can also help, first to take some pressure off you especially when you aren’t from the area, but also because it is nice and considerate.

So far, I’ve had a couple of contenders get to a point where we went on a 5th or 6th date. Some of them have become acquaintances, some I have not talked to again.One or two have become what I would consider a pretty close friend. I’m enjoying myself so far. I really hope that you can do that too, and I wish you all the best.