Adjustment Period

When you relocate from a foreign country, there is an ample adjustment period. For each individual, the time element is different. You have to acclimate as they say. Everyone does it in their own way on their own time. It takes its toll on your body since it is a period of stress that can affect your hair, skink, and nails. The acclimating has to happen on so many levels from housing to customs to food. It can be overwhelming at first. Everything is different from what you are used to. It takes time and it all seems terribly foreign and even alien. Just dealing with finding a living space and understanding what a rental lease is all about is a chore. It makes you feel lonely and isolated until you feel that you are taking root into your new way of life. When things start to turn for the better, you rejoice.

I had a particular problem with fatty and rich American food at first. It is not that I don’t like it, it is tasty in its own way, but it didn’t agree with me in the beginning. I had breakouts on a regular basis. It had a negative effect on my body overall. I had to avoid eating out with friends so I resorted to having people over. My skin, hair, and nails didn’t look their best. I needed to find a vitamin supplement to take care of my appearance. My hair was looking a bit thin, my skin had a pallor, and my nails were brittle and constantly breaking. One remedy that is highly touted is to drink gelatin. You buy it in packets and mix it with water or you can put it in juice. It isn’t the tastiest brew, but it has protein in it to strengthen all the weak aspects of your body surfaces—most particularly the nails. You can also take other supplements to help you get healthy nails and boost what the gelatin is hopefully doing for you. Mom always said beauty comes from within, and boy was she right. Bright eyes, dewy skin, healthy hair-it all starts at the cellular level. I found an expert blend of biotin, borage oil and powerful antioxidants online that help you look your best, 24-7. I like taking the systemic approach to solve health problems. You can put lotions and potions on your hair, skin, and nails with little visible difference. It is a matter of what you ingest.

Over time, I became adjusted to the food, and together with my self-induced treatments, I turned the corner on body health. I was beginning to feel myself again and looking the way I wanted. When you look your best, you feel your best and you present a better demeanor to the world. It makes for an easier time making new friends when you have self-confidence. I shared my beauty secrets with some new acquaintances and they applauded my take-charge efforts. We had fun exchanging more ideas to keep ourselves looking good.